The StuyTown Lottery is an affordable housing application process, open from March 2, 2021 to March 31, 2021. It is conducted by StuyTown Property Services, under the supervision and guidelines of the New York City Housing Development Corporation.

Applicants are eligible if they meet the income requirements shown on the advertisement for their household size. That means individuals and households with pre-tax combined income between $41,143 a year and $232,650 a year, depending on household size.

Households consisting exclusively of full-time students; households who have combined assets of more than $250,000, excluding some retirement and savings accounts; and those who are not prepared to use a StuyTown apartment as their primary resident.

StuyTown will calculate income using total annual gross household income. That can include but is not limited to salary, hourly wages, tips, self-employment income, bonuses, overtime, commissions, social security, recurring gifts, rental income, interest and dividends and alimony. Please list all sources of income for every household member in your application.

For self-employed applicants, net income is analyzed. Such applicants must provide proof of self-employed income for a period of at least two years through State and Federal tax returns along with a current year income projection statement.

Household size is determined by the total number of people who will be living with the applicant full time (including the applicant). This includes any children, parents, aunts/uncles, cousins or any other permanent roommate who will be residing with you full time.

One of the benefits of the StuyTown Affordable Housing program is that we do not require annual income and household recertification.

Transfers are not allowed between StuyTown Lottery units due to eligibility requirements. You may choose to apply to future StuyTown lotteries, and if your household is found eligible and you are offered an apartment you may transfer units at that time.

The lottery, or randomized waitlist ordering, will happen as soon as reasonably possible after the close of the Marketing Period at 11:59 PM on March 31, 2021. StuyTown will wait 7 to 10 business days to ensure all applications submitted by US Mail that are postmarked by March 31, 2021 are received. Under the supervision of the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC), StuyTown enters each paper applicant’s information into a database along with the online applications. This can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the number of paper applications received. Once all applications are entered, all paper and online applications will be simultaneously assigned a waitlist or log number using randomization software. The log number represents each application’s place on the waitlist. Applicant’s that apply online will receive their log # notification via email, those that apply by paper will receive notification by USPS mail.

Applicants are not required to pay an application fee, but will be charged a non-refundable credit check fee at lease signing. Credit history is a common and important requirement implemented by building owners and can be the basis for denial for a unit. The credit approval criteria have been reviewed and approved by the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC). The fee may vary based on how many household members over the age of 18 are applying and will be based on the rates agreed to with HDC.

In order to ensure fairness to all applicants, StuyTown must certify that an applicant’s income falls within the income guidelines and meets other eligibility criteria. All information is confidential and StuyTown handles this information with the utmost discretion.

The applicant’s household cannot be made up entirely of full-time students unless the household qualifies for an exception under Federal law. Additionally, Student Loans/Grants are not considered income.

Yes, non-New York City residents can apply. Preference is given to current New York City residents.

Once the lottery is conducted, applicant households listing a current address in the five boroughs of New York City will be reviewed first. If, upon review of the application, StuyTown finds the applicant is not a New York City resident, the application review will be postponed and the team will move to the next New York City resident applicant. After StuyTown reviews all applications of New York City residents, our team will begin reviewing all other applications.

Once you click “Submit Application” online, you cannot make changes. The process must be the same for both paper and online applications. Since revisions to paper applications that have been sent by US mail are not possible, StuyTown does not allow for revisions to online applications either. 

No. StuyTown will not be able to provide any updates beyond your initial number on the waitlist.

All appeals along with supporting documentation should be submitted in writing to StuyTown Property Services. If you do not receive a response please call 212-253-3680 to request an update.

If you do not receive a response you may report the issue to the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) by email: hdccompliance@nychdc.com. Provide as much information about your situation as possible, including complete contact information. Someone from the HDC Compliance Unit will contact you.

Yes. Anyone that meets the eligibility criteria is encouraged to apply to the StuyTown Lottery. If factors that may have disqualified you from previous StuyTown lotteries, such as total household income or household size, have changed, and your household is specifically seeking an apartment at one of the advertised monthly rental rates, this lottery may be right for you.

The waitlists for the Fall 2018 & Spring 2020 lotteries remain active. Even though those lotteries are still active we encourage you to apply to this lottery if you think you qualify.

If you are interested in a different unit type, you should wait for one of our future lotteries.

Yes, you are welcome to apply. Existing Stuytown residents that qualify for the lottery and are offered an apartment will not be charged a lease break penalty. 

Do not submit multiple applications online or by paper application. Only one application can be submitted per household. Applicants who submit more than one application will be disqualified.

When your application is fully processed (all documents submitted) and it is determined that you are eligible for an apartment offer, you will be assigned the lowest priced available unit that you are eligible for within the Peter Cooper Village/Stuyvesant Town community. Requests will not be taken for specific units, buildings, locations or properties. 

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click SIGN IN in the upper right corner and enter in your Email Address and Password in the Complete Application section.  
  2. If you forgot your password, click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link on the SIGN IN page. A new temporary password will be sent to this email address. Upon sign in, you will be asked to change your password.
  3. If you used an invalid email address to set up your StuyTown Lottery account, please go to your profile and update your email address.

No.  StuyTown Lottery is a separate system from NYC Housing Connect.   You will need to create a new account with StuyTown Lottery.

A valid email address is necessary to create a new account on the StuyTown Lottery project application.  You will need a valid email address in order to recover  forgotten passwords. StuyTown may also use your email address for future communication.


  • Go to the StuyTown Lottery Home Page, click the Apply link, then click the Forgot Password link.
  • Fill in all the information and click Submit
  • Your password will be reset and your new password will be emailed to you

If you forgot the user name/email address that you used to create your account you must create a new account.

  • Go to the StuyTown Lottery Home Page, click the Apply link, then click the Forgot Password link
  • Fill in all the information and click Submit
  • Your password will be reset and your new password will be emailed to you
  • Go to the StuyTown Lottery Home Page, click the Sign-in link, then sign in with your existing user name and password
  • Click the Edit Profile link, then click the Your Name and Address link
  • Click the Change Username button and enter the New email address you would like to use as your username for your StuyTown Lottery Account
  • After saving your new email address, all email correspondence from StuyTown Lottery application will be sent to the new email address and your old email address will be inactivated and no longer used.
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